1. Light and Shadow

New York the city of superlatives – no city appears this big, so powerful and so pulsative. Skyscrapers that stand up high in the air like guardians that have been erected to protect the city and which obviously are supposed to build a bridge to heaven …. The noise of the streets is slowly audible, people are nervously running up and down in front of the stores, stress and hectic are present everywhere…. And then –totally unrecognized by the crowds at first - something is moving high up between the triumphant summits of the glassy giants.

SpidermanBut this “something” is rapidly coming closer and suddenly it seems as if time is standing still – for even if the people already know who is swinging himself through the air up there, they haven’t got used to the sight of it until now. But yet Spider-Man fits into the scenery like one piece of a puzzle to the other ….

The city is more than shining steel, glass and concrete, high tech and glamour, isn’t it - ?? for there is a contrast existing unnoticed by most of the people - and only a few really want to know what this contrast looks like. As splendid as the city appears above ground, as repulsive is the picture of it deep underneath: dark, dirty, disgusting. In the sewerage system a labyrinth of tunnels, corridors and caves is hidden, which offers enough room for special creatures that definitely prefer the dark to the glamour: rats, bugs, spiders and …. (sound like a sharp scream)

2. Doubts

Our net swinger is meeting Mary Jane. The second identity of Peter Parker is still standing between them. Mary Jane is in love with Peter, yet the constant fear for him is driving her mad at the same time. Peter knows of the worries Mary Jane is having and he is torn between the responsibility as Spider-Man and his love to M.J.. His plans to marry Mary Jane are still unbroken … thus Peter is well aware that the still continuing shortage of money doesn’t give them the possibility to build up a mutual existence. Thoughts that Peter isn’t sharing with Mary Jane, but that nevertheless are keeping him occupied.


3. On the way to the University

On the way to the university Peter is passing a newspaper stand and sees among other things the latest headline of the Daily Bugle in which J. Jonah Jameson again is writing in his rabble-rousing attack about Spider-Man as a potential risk for all people. Still drowned in his thoughts he is eavesdropping on a conversation of two men standing next to him and who are lively talking about the Spider-Man article. But while the one man sees Spider-Man as a hero, the other one takes over the arguments of the Daily Bugle during their discussion ….

Disappointed and deeply hurt to fall into this kind of discredit Peter wants to walk away, but his eyes coincidentally fall upon a newspaper article about the Fantastic Four. Though in comparison to Spider-Man they are being celebrated as heroes. Further it says in the article that they are even receiving benefits from the government for their research work and one could almost get the impression that the Fantastic Four do not have to worry about financial issues anymore ….

4. Lecture of Dr. Curt Connors

As he arrives at the university he is listening to the lecture of Dr. Curt Connors, who generally is acknowledged as a specialist for physics and secondly for natural sciences. During his lecture Dr. Curt Connors is explaining by the example of a lizard that research in genes will not be able to replace natural sciences, but will rather supplement it, if used responsibly. Therefore it may only be utilized with great care and for the better of mankind. In the end it will not be helpful to just decipher the gene code and to leave open all unanswered questions of the traditional natural sciences.

Furthermore Dr. Curt Connors explains which elemental use the exploration of the last secrets of nature could have for mankind. If one would have a look at e.g. this lizard – apparently an unimportant reptile, which has adapted itself to the most different forms of life and that eats insects and spiders (!), but at the same time it is immune against their toxic poison – thus this small creature has an extraordinary ability: to grow its bodily parts again!

Dr. Curt Connors explains that he already managed to isolate the curative substances that occur naturally in the reptile’s body and to introduce the new natural growth of lizard body parts with electronic impulses.

What would happen now, if this feature could be made of use for mankind? If lost body parts like for the lizard, or the teeth of a shark would always grow again? No more amputations? No more relying on prostheses? No more painful, lengthy surgeries?

5. Encounter

Following the lecture, after all the listeners have left already, Peter Parker and Dr. Curt Connors are having a lively discussion about the just heard exposition and the possibilities resulting out of cell biological research. In this respect the unknown risks of such a treatment have inspired special interest in Peter Parker. Especially the mixture of animal with human cell structure and the not foreseeable risks obviously do not seem to stand in any ratio to each other. Yet, the longer the discussion is going on between them, the more it is noticeable how much Dr. Curt Connors is convinced that he will be right. But before the controversy can reach a climax, the animated talk is disrupted by the appearance of Martha and Billy Connors, who want to pick up their father and husband at the university.

Visibly more relaxed Dr. Curt Connors is introducing the present people to each other and calls Peter Parker, during the course of this, one of his most capable students that he has ever met. Because Peter today already has more knowledge, understanding and the necessary sense for natural sciences than he had not nearly have at his age. In this respect he is predicting him a successful future as a scientist, if he would attend his classes more regularly. With this he is alluding to the often late arrivals or not showing up at the classes of Peter. Surely Dr. Curt Connors doesn’t know anything about Peter’s second identity as Spider-Man, does he.???

6. At the Daily Bugle

At the Bugle J. Jonah Jameson is again having one of his usual outbursts of rage on the upcoming evening edition of the Daily Bugle. In the middle of a tempered discussion with the editor Robertson, Peter is bursting into the office of J.J.J. to once again talk about a raise or a permanent employment.

But J.J.J. makes Peter very fast understand that since the appearance of Spider-Man in the city, this has become similar to a petting zoo and herewith is driving at the clearly fallen criminal rate, which is the reason why Spider-Man is not asked for. Also the arguments of Peter that he urgently needs the money in order to finally get married to Mary Jane only gives J.J.J. reason for one of his sarcastic phrases.

7. At the Baxter Building

Rejected by J.J.J. and inspired by the newspaper article Peter decides to become part of the Fantastic Four.
For this he wants to go to the super team as Spider-Man and he is swinging up to the upper stories of the Baxter Building. But the net swinger is being categorized as a burglar by the security advices of the Baxter Building for which reason the alarm system is hunting Spider-Man.??? But Spider-Man is too nimble and too fast. Even when the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman each are chasing Spider-Man, they are not able to catch the wall crawler.


8. Fantastic “Five”?

To still end the fight, Mr. Fantastic is building up a rubber wall between the fighting parties and inquires each one of the intruders for their motives. When Spider-Man tells them about a possible membership at the Fantastic Four they are feeling very honoured, but are at the same time very astonished to hear that the motivation here for is strongly driven by a monetary nature. So they try to make him clear that they do not receive any financial refund for their services. It is more the technical possibilities and the accomplishments, as well as the recognition of the people, that is the driving force of the Fantastic Four.

9. We will make it

While they are both standing at the grave of Harry and Norman Osborn, Peter is telling Mary Jane about his latest discussion with the Fantastic Four. He just doesn’t want to understand why super heroes are seen from such different perspectives by humans and why he as Spider-Man is partly being proscribed, regardless of his good deeds and why J.J.J. from the Daily Bugle is continuously spreading unbearable rabble-rousing attacks about him. Full of understanding M.J. is trying to comfort the obviously disappointed Peter and tells him that it surely doesn’t have anything to do with his deeds as Spider-Man, but the reason may possibly be that humans are often the most afraid of what they don’t understand.

But Peter defends himself and reminds M.J. that his secret identity especially shall protect her and Aunt May. Not possible to think of, if one of Spider-Man’s opponents would know who was behind the mask – M.J. and Aunt May would always be in highest mortal danger. He also wouldn’t know if Aunt May would be capable of the excitement, if she knew who Spider-Man was.

10. Self experiment

For a long time Dr. Curt Connors studied the abilities and features of lizards and their special ability to grow bodily parts again. Ever since the scientist has lost his right arm in Vietnam, he has been obsessed with the idea to sometime make body parts grow again. But while in the beginning his original motivation was to do mankind a favour, the reason for his research now centrally is to get rid of his own handicap. He is using every free minute for this idea and for this purpose has tried to make use of these features for himself in an uncountable amount of experiments.

Again it is late at night and his wife and his son have already gone to bed, when Dr. Curt Connors in his laboratory at home believes to have reached the goal of his research. He just has injected a rabbit, which was missing a leg, the serum and within a few moments the missing body parts has been reproduced. But will the serum react the same way with humans? Even though he has doubts, after a short hesitation Dr. Curt Connors fills up a new syringe with the serum – years of intensive research all joint in this one single shot – ready to unite itself with the human DNA of the professor. The doctor hesitates one more moment, considers shortly and looks at a picture of his family for encouragement, to then inject the serum into his veins full of hope…!

11. Awakening of the lizard

At first nothing happens – only a little indisposition is noticeable – followed by heat and sweat attacks. Within seconds the entire body of the doctor is burning, but this is nothing compared to the painful bubbling in his right arm. Dr. Curt Connors feels that something unbelievable is happening to him and while he is not able to sort this feeling out yet, totally numb by the pain, and incredulous by what is going on with him, the doctor is watching how something is clearly building up out of his arm stump, beginning to pulsate and to grow – and continuously filling up the sleeve of his overall.

Only when something is becoming visible at the end of the sleeve, which is finally picking up the form of a hand, Dr. Connors has a feeling that his research has actually been successful. Woken up by the noises from the lab Martha is fearfully starting to search for her husband and she finally finds him in the middle of the laboratory – speechless and totally moved by the sight of his regained arm. But just as Curt thinks his transformation is completed and the scientist wants to share his joy with his wife, he notices that his body is continuing to change itself. The scientist is loosing more and more of his human shape and endlessly gains the typical appearance of a lizard: green scales, enormous fangs, a strong tale as well as especially long claws …

The remaining human rest within him is horrified about what has just happened here, but in the end he is unable to stop the transformation. So his animal instincts are dominant that he finally flees from his lab to search for the protection of the night … Leaving back Martha, who is standing stunned and absolutely motionless in the room – not able to say one word!

12. Talk with Aunt May about the wedding plans

On the next day Peter meets his aunt in the park. Sitting on a park bench Aunt May asks Peter on his intentions to marry M.J.. While he is still carrying the ring from Aunt May with him, he explains to her that the right time wasn’t there yet, but that there was also something that always puts the relationship with M.J. continuously on a hard real test. He is playing at his second identity as Spider-Man, the reason why their mutual happiness always comes too short. Not knowing what the real reasons for Peter’s doubts are, Aunt May explains to him what inexhaustible strength can rise from a relationship and how resistant a couple can get, if only both partners hold on to each other strong enough. “In a life one will not always be able to master all challenges of life by oneself!”


13. A reptile in the city

Restless and driven by the search for an appropriate hide-out the lizard is running rushed like mad through the aisles of New York. At first along the streets and then on the facades of the buildings and sky scrapers, which of course isn’t noticed by the public. Not caring for the attention of the masses of people, the reptile hits its claws deeply into the brickwork and than he seemingly effortless runs on it. Fear and horror spread through the people on the streets as well as among those in the building that get a glimpse of the creature.

One of them is Peter Parker, who just returned from his talk with Aunt May in the park. At first he looks stunned at this mixture of reptile and human. But to stop further damage, he decides to use the general irritation and gets out of his civilian cloth in order to face the creature as Spider-Man.


14. Meeting with the lizard

Spider-Man looks at his opponent in disbelieve and he can only guess of which strength and agility it is capable. But before Spider-Man can even think how to deal with this creature, the lizard notices him by the natural instinct of an animal and tries to get rid of the pursuer by fleeing. Even though the reptile is partly making amazing jumps between the buildings and rapid movements at and on the edifices, it is not able to shake off Spider-Man. Also the throwing of water fountains, tiles or roof riders does not help the lizard to distance itself while Spider-Man is trying to catch the lizard with his net. But the net is not really resistant to the sharp claws of the reptile. Nevertheless the distance between the spider and the lizard is continuously becoming smaller, the longer the contradiction is taking place …


15. Somebody is dying

Totally aware of its situation, the reptile is trying to get rid of Spider-Man by again making an enormous throw of a piece of a broken stone chimney. Even though the projectile misses the wall crawler by inches, the chimney of the facade across is falling apart – with disastrous reaction! The hit of the chimney loosens great parts of the gable, which all are threatening to fall down, from where the screaming mass of people is watching the incident.

Recognizing the situation, the spider leaves the lizard alone in order to prevent the falling of the heavy pieces of brick, which he can partly manage with the help of his net. But the amount of bricks is too big, so that some of them slam on the street though. One of them is about to hit a small boy on the sidewalk, who is curiously looking upwards and is not able to run away. Yet, another person realizes the danger, runs up to the boy, moves him aside with a hearted jump to the side, but at the same time becomes a victim of the falling bricks himself. His name? It is Captain Stacy, who has been watching the fight as a civilian! Not impressed at all by the consequences of its action, the lizard is continuing its flight and disappears unnoticed by Spider-Man and the crowd of people in the sewerage system ….

Almost unconscious by the inner pain and driven by burning hope, Spider-Man tears the pieces of brick away that lie upon the Captain to get him to the next hospital. But before he can lift Captain Stacey up, he asks him to stop what he is doing, because he is aware of the fact that he doesn’t have a long time to live.

Gathered by the touched crowd of people, Spider-Man knees next to the dying man and holds him in his arm. Visibly touched by the sympathy of Spider-Man, Stacy tells him with his last words that there is no reason to mourn, since he has had a fulfilled life, while the boy, whose life he saved, still has his life ahead of him. He only wants to ask Spider-Man for one thing: he is supposed to look after his daughter (Gwen) so that no harm will be done to her. Just in the moment, when Spider-Man promises him to do so, the Captain dies in his arms ….

Totally shocked and deeply moved by the incident, the people stay surrounding the both of them for a long time.


16. Excitement at the Bugle

Ever since the appearance of the green monster, there is a busy hustle and bustle going on at the office of J.J. Jameson. In his usual choleric way, the publisher has gathered the entire editorial staff around him and now tries to collect all important and known information about the green ogre to work out a usable title page for the evening edition. Of course this isn’t happening without implying that Spider-Man has teamed up with the creature.???

But while Robertson still tries to contradict him and is pointing at the enormous performance of Spider-Man when the bricks were falling down, Peter Parker comes into the office to sell his pictures of the fight. And while all people involved are lively discussing over a possible name for the reptile, e.g. Crocodile-, Lizard- or Reptile-Man, Betty Brant (secretary of J.J.J.) comes into the office and lays some documents on his desk and mentions by the way that “Lizard” would suit it just right. J.J.J. finds this a good idea, since “he had thought of it himself the whole time anyway” J. This way the headline is also clear for J.J.J.: ” Spider is terrorizing the city with lizard and kills cop”. A new enquiry by Peter about the real value of his pictures and a bonus in this connection blows Jameson’s “Buzzer” (Movie Part III) briefly but effectively J.

17. Kraven the hunter

Tansania – East Africa. It almost appears like the fight between David and Goliath and yet the sight seems terrifying. Only armed with a spear and a knife, the hunter tries to defeat a grown elephant bull with his own hands. In this respect the grey giant appears terrifying because of his size and his grey mass compared to the visibly smaller hunter. Nevertheless it seems as if it was the elephant that one should pitty. Too overwhelming is the agility and the instinct of the hunter – his strength is so untamed and so targeted on his attacks.

And even though the elephant bull is far superior to the hunter in regards of height and weight it seems even more surprising that the bull has to fight for his life! The name of the hunter? Sergei Kravinoff, known as Kraven, the hunter! Successful big-game hunter, who usually shows no fear when it comes to catch the biggest, wildest and most dangerous creature on this planet –  just like the grown elephant bull at this moment. Of course Kraven could use modern weapons, but that is something that he doesn’t respect, because this superiority made by technology would abolish the equality of powers. And yet it comes as it must have come in the end: the grey giant losses the battle of death and the hunter bags his prey.

18. Kraven decides to come to New York

As the lifeless body of the grey giant lays on the dried-out dusty ground of the steppe the hunter helpers come out of their save hiding places. Still a little frightened, they congratulate the hunter to his successful hunt, but he can only be pleased for a moment about the trophy. Even when the feeling of satisfaction is still running through the veins of the hunter, he turns around and takes his way back walking. He is accompanied by his true servant, who walks awestruck in a little distance to him. He congratulates his master and calls him respectfully “Kali Kumbe” – it is Suhaeli and means: wild creatureWith as few words as possible they tell each other stories of past times – from hunting the last untamed beasts on this earth, the always returning ritual of the hunt and the untamed strength of hunter and prey.

After a long march they reach their hideaway at last. A place for which there is no clear description. For Kraven it is a quiet place, shelter, hideout, bastion and cenotaph in one!

When they arrive, they get to know by TV of the green monster that lives in New York and that obviously nobody can control. Speechlessly the servant is watching his master and without one noticeable facial expression of him the servant goes to start all preparations for Karven’s next hunt, which has just started this moment…

19. The last escort

With great honours and accompanied by salute bullets Captain Stacy is buried by American tradition. Many people have come to show the policeman deeply struck the last honour– among them the New York Police, J.J.J., Robbie Robertson, even Aunt May, M.J. and Peter Parker, as well as many people that were part of the tragedy in the centre of the city. But nothing at this moment is more severe than the grieve of the bereaved daughter Gwen Stacy.

20. Peter learns who the lizard is

Peter returns home and Billy and Martha Connors are waiting in front of his apartment. One can see that something is not right with them and especially Mrs. Connors makes an extremely confused impression, while she is tightly holding onto her son. Trying to oppress her discomposure over the latest events she tells him that she has already waited for him on the campus. Since she doesn’t know anybody else that could help her in this situation or whom she could confide in, she obtained his address. In order to protect her from the nosy ears of Mr. Ditkovic (landlord), Peter asks both of them into his apartment. As soon as they are inside, Mrs. Connors hesitantly starts to talk about the research of her husband, of the long lasting search for a solution, of the nightly experience and the noises in the laboratory – up to the unbelievable transformation of her husband into an outsized green beast!

Whereas he is still considering with Martha and Billy how he can help them, he instantly realizes that nobody besides him knows the truth about the creature and it is therefore only a question of time until somebody will hunt down the lizard to kill it! And while he wanted to do so himself just a short while ago, now the only task to follow is to save Dr. Connors!  But in order to start the search as Spider-Man as soon as possible, first of all Peter must lure Martha and Billy out of his apartment with a false pretence. That is why he quickly promises both of them to help them and to look in Curt Connors’ laboratory for hints of the serum. While he is talking, Peter pushes both of them out of his apartment, closes the door to put on his disguise and to keep his promise as Spider-Man …


21. Lizard hunt

Night has come over the city and it is raining! It is pouring as if heaven has decided to drown the city within hours. Regardless of this the hunter is looking for his prey high above the roofs of the city. With the instinct of a hunter he rapidly finds the track of the assumed beast, which leads him down into the sewerage system. It is dark down here and the smell and the dirt is disgusting. But Kraven orients himself fast – driven by the will to execute the beast. The hunter finds his prey almost too fast.

Protected by the shadow of the sewerage system the hunter takes a sip of a drink out of a horn, which is fastened to his belt to than disturb the beast in its ease with loud roar. The sight of the both of them is gigantic: animalistic beast on one hand and aggressive hunter on the other! Both of them show no fear, endow nothing to each other and each one tries to even out the advantages of the counterpart with different features/ capabilities. Both of them are aware of the fact that only one of them can leave the battle site alive.

With the instinct of an animal, the lizard fends off every attack of the hunter and uses its claws relentlessly, teeth and most of all its’ strong tale to banish the intruder out of its realm. At the same time the hunter must realize that he is fighting against a species here that is asking for all of his experience in fighting. But despite the risk it almost seems as if the hunter sees this fight less than a threat, but more like a challenge.

22. Between fronts

Directed by his spider-senses Spider-Man’s search is leading him to this fight. He quickly realizes with which ruthless creatures he has to deal here. But as both opponents take notice of him, they only see him as an imminence – each one for himself: the lizard, because with the instinct of an animal it feels pushed into a corner, and Kraven the hunter, because he could never tolerate the help of Spider-Man. In his eyes only he himself is destined to kill this beast.

But Spider-Man only wants to prevent that Kraven kills his friend and mentor Dr. Curt Connors. An attitude which of course isn’t recognized by the reptile and which therefore tries to fight Spider-Man as well. And this fight develops itself to be the worst that Spider-Man has ever experienced – with beastly violence and unbelievable powers the reptile hits on Spider-Man, while at the same time Kraven, armed with spear and knife, is hunting both of them. Especially the countless attempts of Spider-Man to protect the lizard from the hunter’s attacks always force him to repeatedly accept painful strokes. A circumstance that visibly emerges on Spider-Man’s appearance, who is now only partly covered by his costume – so hard the battle – so hopeless his position!

Aware of his unpromising situation and almost not capable to defend himself anymore, Spider-Man decides to separate the opponents from each other by bringing the water pipes, that are adjusted at the side, to burst with a strong pull of concerted silk of spider. The sudden fall of water separates the lizard from Kraven at least briefly. Knowingly that this alone won’t be enough, Spider-Man is additionally spinning more silk of spider at the arched brick ceiling to make it collapse with a strong jerk and to erect an impermeable barrier between the both of them. Advisedly looking not to get hit by the falling down bricks and to flee from the rising water masses each one of the three creature tries to rescue itself without looking after the other …

23. Pain

Exhausted and branded by the fight and unable to move by the pain Spider-Man swings himself through the city with his last energy up to the porched balcony of his apartment. His body is covered with deep cuts and lacerations, bruises and bloodshot swellings and possibly he even has a few broken rips. And yet the physical exhaustion acts narcotic and pain repressive … Sleep, that is the only thing that Peter can now think about. Strongly limited in his movements Peter is trying to get off the last parts of his costume clumsily. Afterwards he takes care of his endless wounds provisionally before he falls asleep in his bed in total exhaustion …

24. Aunt May finds out who Spider-Man is

Elated by the last talk with Peter regarding his wedding plans Aunt May sets off to visit Peter in his apartment. Since nobody is reacting to the knock on the door she tries to open the door to wait for him inside the apartment if necessary. But what she sees in it makes her freeze in shock … In front of her lies Peter - sleeping, covered with wounds. Touched by this sight she watches him and it deeply hurts her. And even though she cannot instantly realize what happened to her nephew she begins to fathom the truth already. As if in trance she silently bends down for a piece of fabric at her feet, picks it up and recognizes the costume of Spider-Man, or what is left of it - more rags than anything else. Should her beloved nephew, who is always obliging and helpful to everybody, actually be Spider-Man in truth?

The Spider-Man about which the media – especially the Daily Bugle – writes about how terrible he is again and again? Her gaze wanders disbelieving between the costume and her nephew. Doing so for her own surprise she is not feeling fright or animosity, but compassion and pain! And while May Parker is watching her nephew, how he lies in front of her, with his freshly dealt with wounds – peaceful and worn out – she suddenly understands which enormous dangers Peter is continuously exposing himself to as Spider-Man – totally unselfish and for the better worth of many people – to save others! All the stories about the “terrible” Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle have disappeared. What is left is the deep pain of a loving aunt that does not want to accept that her nephew is having secrets from her. Totally shocked about the truth and still with a rag of clothes in her hand she turns around and silently closes the door from the outside ….

25. Peter finds an antidote

Well rested and recovered Peter quickly realizes the next day that only in the laboratory of Dr. Curt Connors he can find the solution for an antidote. This is why he asks Martha Connors to search for possible hints for a possible antidote – a request that Martha most delighted wants to respond to. Which other hope does she still have to see her beloved husband ever again in human appearance? In his explanations Peter thereby compares the quest for the production of an antidote with the search for a remedy against a virus: if one has once understood the pathogenic germ it is not so difficult anymore to develop a drug against it to kill the agent or to turn around the effects.

But as Martha leads Peter into the lab he already cringes when he sees the chaos in the laboratory. Before he can further think about it though, Martha Connors thanks him once again for his help and tells him how much she loves her husband and that she couldn’t bear the thought, if the father of her son would be hunted as a beast in future.

Maybe in order to calm her down, maybe to make her understand that Peter doesn’t only see the teacher, but also a friend and a role model in Curt Connors, he promises her that her husband will return shortly. And without saying another word he closes the door from the inside and automatically begins to collect single notes from the doctor that lie scattered in the entire laboratory: here a record, there a side note, then a journal about the changes of the research material … The analysis of he data takes hours for hours ... But the longer Peter is collecting the information and evaluating it, the closer he gets to the solution – until at last the serum is ready. But Peter will only find out if it really works in the essential moment …….

26. Aunt May vs. J.J.J.

Totally aware that her nephew is Spider-Man and moved by the fact which agony has been done to him by all the false pronouncements, the desire breaks out in May Parker to help her nephew. To protect him – in her own way – with her means. And with the feeling of a loving mother who tries to protect her child at any time she ventures into the germ cell of all defamation – the Daily Bugle. She doesn’t exactly know what she is doing here herself, but she is convinced that she will know what to do in the right moment. And before she can further think about it, she meets J.J. Jameson. An awkward picture with a choleric publisher on the one side and a confident old lady on the other.

Without hesitating one moment she asks him if he has just once thought about what a world without super heroes like Spider-Man would look like? What would have happened to all those people, if there wouldn’t have been a rescuer at the exact moment that saved them from such many critical situations? Somebody that reassures the people and is being role model for them? In doing so May looks so strong that each one of her arguments hits the absolutely astounded J.J.J. deep in the mark and so unprepared that he cannot give any resistance. And even if she is evidently trying to explain the motives of Spider-Man she notices herself that those are the characteristics of her nephew that she appreciates the most. And before she gets to an end of her almost monolog the silence of J.J.Jameson shows her that she has done the right thing and that she is now ready to talk things out with Peter.

27. Peter and Aunt May talk things out

Peter is standing in front of the door of Aunt May’s apartment. Thousands of thoughts are suddenly circling through his head – her voice on the telephone sounded so strange - so alienated cold, when she said that she wanted to meet him. He knocks on her door and after a short (attempted friendly) greeting Aunt May asks him into her home. Both are afraid to begin the conversation: Peter, because he doesn’t have a good feeling with what his aunt is about to tell him shortly and May Parker, because she doesn’t know if she will find the right words.

Then Peter notices the piece of his costume in the hand of Aunt May and before he can ask, she tells him that she now knows that he is Spider-Man. Shocked Peter still tries to contradict, but May interrupts him instantly … All that she wants to know is why he hasn’t told her the truth already – after all they have undergone so many things together and she would have had the right for the truth. His reply: ”Because I love you and because I don’t want anything to happen to you – not even by me!. That is why I wanted to protect you. And ever since the death of Uncle Ben not only you, but everybody that isn’t equipped with such powers.” Visibly moved by his answer (but still sad) May Parker explains to him that she is an old lady and has become so old, because she has eventually learned from Uncle Ben, who has died, to protect herself.

Indeed it honours Peter that he is worrying about it, but if this protection means that throughout their entire life there will be a lie between them, than she prefers a life in danger. In doing so, she reminds Peter again of their last talk in the park during which she explained to him that love will conquer all. This would apply to her in the same way as on Peter and Mary Jane. At this point Aunt May speculates if the secret is the reason why he has not asked Mary Jane to marry him yet. “Not directly”, so Peter. Mary Jane already knows of his secret. It is rather the necessity that he constantly has to evaluate between his love for M.J. and his responsibility as Spider-Man. From great strength comes great responsibility, this he learned from Uncle Ben and he wants to – must do this responsibility justice.

May explains to Peter that this may not imply that he will exclude those from his life that he loves (and those that love him). She rather suspects that Peter has not told her the truth, because he must have been afraid that she would make him choose between a life as Peter and a life as Spider-Man. But this she would never do – in fact she would always like to help him to make the right decisions for himself. At the same time she passes him a package that Peter notices just then. “Peter, even if I will not always understand every decision of you I can help you to understand what is best for you. But please always remember: I love you and I won’t let a lie stand between us again.” Just as she has finished the sentence, Peter recognizes the content of the package: it is a new Spider-Man costume – made by his aunt …!

Jubilant and finally liberated from the very heavy burden of secrecy Peter carefree but cautiously lifts his aunt with both arms into the air. Even if both of them will surely work out the form of liberation differently, both know very clear at this moment: the first - the most important - step has been made … Thus Peter now knows what he has to do – for the first time since the bite of the spider years ago he can do it without remorse and full of belief. That is why it is not astonishing that Peter makes himself on the way to follow his designation. Knowingly where Peter is going May Parker kisses him on the forehead and says good-bye to him with the words: ”Follow your heart!”. Without turning around he leaves the apartment, closes the door behind him and leaves the woman to herself that loves him as if he was her own son …

28. Final Battle

Strengthened by the motivating words of his aunt and noticeably relieved Peter feels really light-hearted for the first time in his life. Happy and motivated to bring to an end what has been going on too long …

And still on his way up to the roof Peter already begins to take off his normal clothes to put on his new costume – he now is burning so much to recapture his friend and mentor. Only armed with his abilities as Spider-Man and the cannula with the antidote he starts his search. For this reason Spider-Man jumps from the roof and swings himself in airy height between the skyscrapers. In the beginning almost unnoticeable, but then the shrilling in his head becomes more and more prominent – the closer he gets to the harbour. But his spider-sense also tries to warn him about another close danger. Concentrated on his target the wall crawler overlooks that he is not only hunter, but also the hunted one: with the smoothness of a cat and the routine of a chaser Kraven watches the action of Spider-Man.

When he arrives at the harbour the shrilling of the spider-sense in his head can no longer be ignored. No wonder! Fog comes up and it is bloody dark here. The existent lightning doesn’t suffice at all to illuminate all corners of the pier. Furthermore it fumes and fizzles everywhere. Machines and tower cranes fortify the scenery with the loud soundscape. But there is no sight of a lizard. However,the spider-sense lets Spider-Man know that it is close-by. Strained with every fiber of his body Spider-Man reacts to every noise and continuously gets closer to the water at the gangway by partly crawling on the wall of a ship or swinging himself between the storehouses and cranes back and forth.
Just as he arrives at the pier and therewith his search actually reaches its’ obvious climax,Spider-Man turns around, because there is still no sight of a green monster or Dr. Connors – and still the spider-sense is ringing like crazy! Then, outside the angle of vision, the lizard slowly and almost soundless rises from its wet hideout – in the shallow water it used the darkness to hide from its persecutor.

And just at the moment when Spider-Man turns around again, the green monster reveals itself to him with a loud fizz that sounds like “Ssssssspider-Man”. One powerful leap is enough for the green beast to jump out of the water onto the pier. Surprised by the quickness of the lizard Spider-Man only has the remaining possibility to swing himself to the side as to not get hurt by the claws of the beast. But equipped with its animalistic instinct the lizard sets back right away and tries to fight Spider-Man. A relentless fight breaks out again between the two opponents. But with the knowledge that it is not only the monster he is fighting Spider-Man also consequently tries to appeal to the human within the beast and he continuously is talking towards him – without visible success! Absolutely unimpressed and with ruthless cruelty the lizard continuous its effort to defeat Spider-Man.

Just like their fight on top of the roofs of New York everything provides a basis as potential projectile and Spider-Man has great difficulty to dodge those things. At the same time the beast launches its muscular tale and its claws as an additional weapon against Spider-Man. It almost seems as if the fight in the sewerage system is finding its recurrence here. But right at the moment when the fight seems to reach its peak the beast suddenly ceases from Spider-Man with a deafening scream. Unable to understand the reason for this, but quickly-witted to use this moment for himself, Spider-Man throws the entire cannulate with the antidote into the throat of the lizard.

But even though the cannulate breaks in the lizard’s throat any reaction fails to appear. Incapable to worry about this, he recognizes the cause for the lizard cease from him: Kraven has used the fight between the two of them to sneak himself up. And though he wasn’t able to kill the beast, he was at least able to drill the spear deeply into the shoulder of the assumed monster. Inflamed with rage, his facial expressions wreathing in pain the reptile turns around to beat Spider-Man with his tale at the same time and to catapult him far beyond the pier. Still turning around the beast rips the spear out of his shoulder – accompanied with a shrill scream!

29. The hunter caught in the net

With unbroken will and sheer supernatural reflexes the hunter is fighting the attacks of the reptile to place his own offensives. But both opponents are so adamant and like obsessed to walk out of this fight as the winner that they beat onto each other with all brutality. Again human and beast are competing against each other – animalistic instinct against brassbound will – teeth and claws against strength and knives. Even if there had ever been a clear boundary between the two rivals it increasingly disappears with the incremental course of the fight. Although the reptile should be in disadvantage due to its injuries this cannot be noticed anymore by now. But the longer the fight is holding on the more it appears that the hunter will be the only one who will survive this clash of power and pure violence. And just at the moment when Kraven sits on the back of the beast and takes it with his arm in a stranglehold and plants the death blow with a knife in the other hand, Spider-Man separates the seemingly obsessed hunter from the already certainly believed victim by ripping him away with a targeted silk of spider. Before Kraven can prepare himself for a hard landing during his flight he is caught by Spider-Man in a freshly spun net. Of course Kraven tries to free himself, but despite his power he does not succeed: the hunter is glued to the net like a fly. Aware of his position Kraven now only feels ignominy and bereft of his honour as a hunter. For the proud warrior a feeling that is more painful than any physical torture could ever be. Like a confirmation Kraven penetrates the scenery at the harbour with a deafening scream. A scream, which true meaning only he understands …


30. Back transformation

Self secure but angry and aware of the fact that Kraven will no longer have any influence on the remaining battle, Spider-Man now tries to finally resolve the fight for himself and to recapture Dr. Connors. While Spider-Man is still beating the lizard and dodging the attacks of the reptile, his thoughts are still circling around one question, which is why the antidote hasn’t worked. And suddenly – like a flash he knows why… Hasn’t Dr. Curt Connors said something about an electronic impulse during his experiment at the university, which initiated the cell regeneration of the lizard …? Does the antidote in the lizard only need an impulse to start the reaction? And before Spider-Man can finish his thought he is being hit by a fierce bash that throws him through the outer walls of a shipyard so that Spider-Man dashes onto the body of a ship in the middle of the hall, which is laid-out there for renovation. Though the change of sight only gives Spider-Man a short reprieve … While the lizard is still trying to make its way through the originated hole in the wall with beastly hisses, Spider-Man tries to find a solution to reduce his theoretical knowledge of an “electronic impulse” to practice …

Spider-Man is standing in the middle of the hall, knowing well that it will only take a few moments for the green beast, that once was his friend, to reach him. At the exact moment when the gigantic lizard is preparing to angrily jump at him with a wide open mouth and wide outstretched claws, Spider-Man reaches for the supply cable of the crane and holds it right into the mouth of the green beast who instinctively simply tries to bite through it. What is now happening is also for Spider-Man an unbelievable sight: what was just now an enraged beast is now helplessly twitching with all bodily parts, standing and with deafening shrieks, brightly illuminated …. And while there are still sparks spraying from the throat of the monster, Spider-Man is troubled with doubts if he did the right thing … But before he can bring this thought to an end, the sparks stop to spray and it becomes dark at the same moment .. . in the wan moonlight that breaks through the rooflight of the shipyard Spider-Man sees how the outline of the lizard collapses – his spider-sense lets him know that there is no more danger. But what will he find there? Lizard or Dr.? - dead or alive? Spider-Man carefully turns the body of the assumed beast around – almost deliberately and notices relieved … Dr. Curt Connors!

That one is still absolutely numb from his just survived transformation and is in disbelieve that he regained total control over his body again after days. The only thing that he can say in this moment is “Thank you!” . And in a tone that needs no further explanation – so obvious was the honesty of these two words. Anxious to control his feelings in order not to reveal himself as Peter Parker, Spider-Man has no choice but to keep an artificial distance between them. Almost unable to make one step after the other Dr. Curt Connors asks Spider-Man to bring him to his family. A favour he likes to comply more than willingly.


31. Dr. Connors returns to his family

“Curt!” – as Martha Connors sees her husband she can almost not believe it. Absolutely unimpressed by the appearance of her husband who is only dressed with a pair of pants, a black shirt and a white overall and unconcerned to the fact that he no longer has his right arm, Martha could not describe what is going on inside of her. She almost gave up hope to ever meet her husband in human stature again. And while the both of them sink into each others arms with tears in their eyes, Martha Connors calls for her son who quickly meets up to them and completes the picture of the reunited family. Still in the arms of her husband Martha Connors says that they also owe it to Peter Parker that they now can live together as a family again.

But she also says something else: ”Curt, I haven’t stopped loving you at any moment and even if you would have stayed this green “What-so-ever” I would have never stopped loving you as well. And nothing could have changed this … I know that it gives you great trouble that you lost your arm, but believe me, for me it doesn’t make any difference – I love the man that you are for me and the character of and inside you!” And before they can thank Spider-Man he has already set forth to the person that means the most to him …

32. The only right question

Deeply impressed by the experiences in the Connor house, from the latest events in general, as well as his talk with Aunt May, Peter knows by now what he has to do. No crook, no super opponent – nobody could now prevent from him what has been overdue for so long. His aim? – the apartment of Mary Jane! Satisfied with himself, full of happiness and knowing that he, without any doubt, will do the right thing this one time, his conviction keeps him driving. So the wall crawler swings as fast as never in his life as Spider-Man before through the entire city – forgotten are the pain and wounds on his body ….

Arriving at the apartment of Mary Jane Spider-Man pulls the mask from his head and with a few measures steps towards the obviously surprised Mary Jane. “Peter .!?” But before she can proceed, he interrupts her, takes her in his arms, pulls her tightly towards him and begins to talk:” In the past, when I was a boy, I always wanted to do good, but I never had the means, nor the strength to do it. When I was bitten by the spider I saw this as a privilege to be equipped with such powers. From then on I therefore kept using my powers to save the lives of others. Eventually I know ever since the death of Uncle Ben that great power also brings great responsibility with it.

But this applies to Peter Parker as well to Spider-Man, even though I never wanted to disavow this! Instead I suppressed my personal aims as Peter Parker to precede the appeal as Spider-Man to everything, only not to face the responsibility and my own feelings as Peter Parker. But this is over now: I now know that I cannot protect you and Aunt May by excluding the both of you from my life – that is just not right! Both of you are the most important thing that I have and I could never forgive me if anything would ever happen to one of you. Now I will face this responsibility as well – not as Spider-Man, but as Peter Parker, nephew and husband! Maybe it is a privilege to be Spider-Man, but it is nothing compared to the gift that I met you. You are everything to me that matters, what is really important and I never want to loose you again – I know that now. It might be possible that from great powers comes great responsibility, but great powers have their source in great love. And this is why I want to ask you Mary Jane: do you want to marry me?” And without being able to await an answer Peter takes the golden ring from Aunt May out of his belt pocket and puts the piece of jewelry on her ring finger.

Visibly touched and with a voice chocked by tears Mary Jane answers: “Yes, Peter – I do!”

33. Happy End

Spiderman - Happy end